Yahoo, Hotmail, Comcast, and other e-mail Clients



You may not be receiving our e-mail messages from our email address. Many e-mail providers will filter or block messages coming from the Ukraine. Such as in Yahoo our e-mail messages will be in the “bulk” or “junk”e-mail folder while with Hotmail and Comcast our messages may be blocked and never received by you.. 

Please regularly check your "bulk" or "junk" e-mail boxes.

If our messages are in your "bulk" or "junk" e-mail box you simply need to mark the messages as not junk and ad our contacts to your contacts list.

I have written Hotmail, Yahoo and Comcast support and have not received any help. If you can write your e-mail provided support that would be great. You will need to show them the following : Received: from ([])

If you have a Yahoo, hotmail, Comcast or other e-mail address please let us know if you do not receive our e-mail messages. We will be sending you mail from our Kirovograd Ukrainian Women Yahoo or Hotmail e-mail addresses.


Google gmail seems to have a more accurate e-mail filter and does not filter our our messages. You may consider opening a separate gmail account.


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